Bee Careful With Bee Removal and Hornet and Wasp Nests For That Matter

Wasp Nest

If you do have bumblebee and honeybee colonies on your property, we’d recommend that if their location isn’t causing too much of an issue, then consider leaving them alone.   With UK bee numbers down by an estimated 30%, it’s a worrying statistic when one considers how vital these black and yellow flying insects are for the pollination of many of the plants that we rely on for food!

If the bees are identified as honey bees, firstly, contact a local bee keeper to remove them.  If they are any other species of bee and their location is a genuine health and safety issue, then Midland Pest Control can effectively destroy destroy the nest.  However, an organisation called The Tree Bee Society may well be able to relocate these species in the first instant and their website can be found here.

With a reportedly warm summer coming our way, hornet and wasps will also be a common sight across the Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Burton upon Trent region.  Hornet nests and wasp nests do of course pose a greater threat to visitors of businesses and homes alike and they do need controlling professionally in order to ensure that the threat is safely removed.  Midland Pest Control has been removing hornets and wasps for more than 25 years, so don’t take any chances, get in touch now!