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Bee Careful With Bee Removal and Hornet and Wasp Nests For That Matter

Wasp Nest

If you do have bumblebee and honeybee colonies on your property, we’d recommend that if their location isn’t causing too much of an issue, then consider leaving them alone.   With UK bee numbers down by an estimated 30%, it’s a worrying statistic when one considers how vital these black and yellow flying insects are… Read more »

Booting Birmingham Cockroaches Off The Menu


You’ll more than likely all have heard about the recent scandal that fell upon a well known chicken fast food chain last month.  Any compromises in hygiene can severely damage any brand that deals with food.  And of course, being such a large global brand means that it wasn’t the first time it had been… Read more »

Midland Pest Control and Ecologi: Joining Forces for a Greener Future


In November 2022, Midland Pest Control, a leading pest management company, took a meaningful step towards embracing sustainability and environmental responsibility. They teamed up with Ecologi, an inspiring organization dedicated to combatting climate change and promoting a greener planet… Read More »

Rats Dont Need an Invitation They Need an Air Vent


Certainly in city locations, you’re never too far away from a rat.  Throughout Birmingham, their numbers have fluctuated as of late and we’re seeing more and more situations where they simply chew through the air vents of houses to gain entry. Bearing in mind that rats have extremely sharp teeth, they actually need to gnaw… Read more »

Rising Rodenticide Resistance in UK: CRRU Calls for Action


The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) UK has reported a concerning rise in the prevalence of anticoagulant rodenticide resistance among rats and house mice. Genetic resistance has been identified in roughly 78% of rats and 95% of house mice, with a small number… Read more

Summer is a Lovely Time Especially For Wasps and Flying Ants

Wasps Flying

It’s getting warmer isn’t it?  OK, some days are better than others, but we’re getting there!  And throughout Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Burton upon Trent and the West Midlands we can really start to enjoy our gardens over the weekends and, dare we say it, plan the first barbecue of the year even? But as the frizbies… Read more »