Expert Tips for Identifying and Tackling Ant Infestations at Home

Black garden ant

As warmer weather approaches, pest control experts offer advice on how to deal with ant infestations. The first step, according to Rentokil, is correctly identifying the ant species invading your home, as treatment options can vary significantly. The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) provides guidelines for this, noting that the Black Garden Ant, which is actually very dark brown, is the most common household invader. The size and food preference of ants can also suggest their species, and the type of dwelling can influence which ants are present. For instance, centrally heated flats may be more prone to infestations by Pharaoh’s Ants or Ghost Ants.

There are DIY methods to tackle the issue initially, including using white wine vinegar, strong scents, Vaseline, cucumber peel, and decorator caulk. The BPCA advises locating the ants’ nest entrances, which can be found by watching the ants move from nest to food. Attempting to reduce ant numbers by pouring boiling water into the nest may not control the infestation completely and could lead to the ants migrating to a new location. Some pest control products cause ants to destroy their own nests by enticing worker ants to carry insecticides back to their colonies. If home infestations persist, professional help may be required. The BPCA advises researching pest control companies for certifications, licences, and reviews, and reminds that amateur use of pesticide products must follow label instructions by law.

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