Fungus Beetles

A general term for various very small (3mm) beetles that feed on moulds in ill-ventilated, damp buildings.

Fur Beetles

An oval black beetle 4-6mm long with a white spot on each wing case. Grubs are about 6mm long, with a tuft of golden hairs on the end of their bodies. They can often be detected by their cast-off skins as they moult. Grubs feed on fur, hair, skins, feathers and wool and may damage upholstery.

Furniture Beetle

A small brown beetle, 2.5-5mm long, that is the adult form of woodworm. Emerges from infested wood between May and September, especially in June and July, leaving round exit holes 1-2mm in diameter.

Furniture Mite

A tiny speck of “living dust”. If the dust gets up and walks away from you, it is Furniture Mites. About 0.5mm long, with eight tiny legs, they infest certain types of upholstered furniture – especially vegetable fibres in damp conditions. May cause an allergic reaction in sensitive people.