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Dust Mite Allergy

Asthmatic conditions in many people are worsened or induced by inhaling the microscopic bodies of the House Dust Mite.


A long, narrow, brown insect 10 to 14mm long with characteristic “pincers” at one end, the earwig is often carried indoors in cut flowers or house plants and often invades from the garden through open windows, sometimes in large numbers.

Harmless in the house, but it can be discouraged by keeping creepers or vegetation cut back from walls near windows and dusting humid corners where they congregate with an insect powder.

A garden insecticide may be used outdoors and on vegetation.

Field Mice

Outdoor cousins of the House Mouse, which tend to move indoors in the winter seeking their creature comforts. The Wood Mouse or Long-Tailed Field Mouse has larger ears, more prominent eyes and a longer tail than the House Mouse and is brownish with a white underside. Fond of apples and stored food.