Summer is a Lovely Time Especially For Wasps and Flying Ants

Wasps Flying

It’s getting warmer isn’t it?  OK, some days are better than others, but we’re getting there!  And throughout Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Burton upon Trent and the West Midlands we can really start to enjoy our gardens over the weekends and, dare we say it, plan the first barbecue of the year even?

But as the frizbies fly, so too do an array of less-than-fun critters, and they’re certainly not invited to your barbecue, party, or to help out in the garden.  Flying ants and wasps can both be real pests, with the later posing a serious physical threat to kids and those with anaphylactic shock.  A wasp nest really can’t be left alone.

So if it flies and you need to catch it, call the kids, but if it flies and you have to run away from it, then call Midland Pest Control.  We’re fully trained in all of the very latest, safe pest control methods and will have you enjoying your summer quicker than you can shout ‘Ahhhhhhh’.

So for more information on flying pests and pest control, including wasp nests, hornet nest removal, bee removal, flying ants and even pigeon control, get in touch with your local experts now!